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tmux empty window name

After compiling the newest version of tmux 1.5, I started tmux only to discover that the window name was missing from all of the windows. So all of the windows looked like

0:* 1:-

They should look like

0:bash* 1:vim-

See how the name of the running command is missing in the first example.

After several hours of troubleshooting, I finally figured out the problem was with my user’s prompt string. There was an extra line being added to the front of the prompt string that was causing the problem. I figured this out by temporally creating a new user, so that I could test tmux with a clean user environment and then slowly moving files (e.g. .bashrc, etc…) from my environment to the test environment. I opened tmux after I moved each file until it broke. I then commented all of the lines in the problem file, commenting a line or function at a time until I found the problem line.